Teacher’s Advocate


They said the person you will always respect besides our great mothers are our great teachers and instructors. But being a teacher or instructor is not built in a day and teaching a great lesson is not just carved out of their knowledge. Then what makes a teacher a teacher.

Teacher also were once ordinary students who studied in a school and learned and made use of a book and read a lot of books and mastered the contents of a book and basically invested in books for a living.

Teachers makes use of the best book out there to teach a young stud to become the best he can ever be. He hands out the best references of books so that a student can make the best out of a given task.

So basically a life of a teacher revolves around his students and  his books. And in order to mold a student to become the best a teacher must open many books and research a lot out of it to come out with the best lesson program to be delivered to students.

A teacher  advocates students to be reliable to books some teachers say that  “Teachers come and go, but a book will always be a book and will remain intact when taken care forever.” So continue to study even if your education has already reached its highest degree. There are still many books out there to be read and shared and must be heard by everyone.

Be a change share your knowledge share you books!