Students Corner

Reading books are very essential, as a young child growing up you started learning basic ABC’s to reading basic native language. Together with your mother there were marveling results. Day by day as you grew up by human nature you develop in all aspects of life. So we increase as well our linguistic ability to become very literate. In a world where modernization is a backbone having as much knowledge gives you a greater edge than the other, that is why reading is very essential.
Here are some benefits of reading:

  1. Learning new things
    As a child before you start reading, what did you know? probably only “Mama and Papa” then gradually as your parents give you childish book to read you came across new ideas and information. This was because you started learning through books. Moreover, this is still essential to today’s time as we come to learn more things when we browse a page of a book.
  2. Comprehensive Understanding
    When a young student is exposed to a science book and come to learn that the earth is suspended over nothing it comes to a surprise and marvel us as we learn a new thing or two but is easily understood as we come across the study of law of gravitation published by Isaac Newton. This can be true to many more theories and discoveries compiled in a book.
  3. Being motivated
    If your feeling down one can read the Bible. Filled with many inspirational verses makes us strong and consoled. Some may open autobiography and learn how one defeated adversity and triumphed life. We can also open story books made by famous and independent writers and be ecstatic and gives us reason to live.

  4. Makes our minds more creative
    Book authors, inventors, scientist etc. if you read there preface you’d find out they were motivated by someone’s work may it be their books/ autobiography/ of life. Are we not motivated too after reading one and build or make something out of this inspiration?

As I am getting started this are just few reason why we need to read a book and the list will go on and so fort. So if you finish one, why not share it to others and change the world and become great literate, scientist, engineers that will make a better world.