Beauty of Literature

Before books are compiled in the library and when you study in such place there must be a great feeling of serenity or else with just one noise all people will make a big “SHHHH” sound and you’ll feel embarrassed about it. Thankfully today with the development of technology and science we can compile books in an instant  IPAD,Tablet or smartphones. Books and literature have already change the course of mankind we can study angles, symmetry and solid geometry that were analyze even in the ancient times. Imagine the Pyramid of Giza and Acropolis of Greece as an example, can you not imagine it’s advance engineering? Its engineering matters are passed on to us even today. Have you ever heard of Pythagorean theorem and geometry of the ancient greece? Didn’t it made wonders to the world of engineering and mathematics today.
Greater things have been passed onto us due to literature.
literature can be formed in many ways and even in an artistic ways.


Some of us who wants to be motivated read autobiography of people who change the course of history. Some parents who develops their children uses kids book to teach their stud how to become literate. Some who searches for greater higher dimension intervention reaches the Bible and consoles and finds God. And I’m just getting started as men cannot go to a higher office without a book as teachers used them to teach their students.

Concept of training. Wooden bookshelf full of books in form of man head on a bricks background. Science about human. Psychology. A human have more knowledge.

Even though books may be taken for granted due to the development of modern science. We should be the catalyst to prove that idea wrong. Without it great scientiest, poets, engineers etc will not help the modernization and industrialization of this modern and global age. We can advocate to help in this regard.