Books are Armor of Life

Books are armor of life. When we started to learn languages, help and numbers we used books. While growing up and start going to school until we reach college many books have guided us to understand lessons. On the way to becoming young adult, many have explored and was exposed to many kinds of writings. What is popular to young adults are novels, pocketbooks, and magazines. Though all of these, we have walk our life learning and using what we have read and learned through the books.

There’s the best armor in life that god has given us. The bible. The bestselling book in the world. It has been reprinted in many versions and languages and it sends same message to humankind. That God exists and always take care of His children who follow His will and commandments. How great it is if we receive the armor of salvation that’s promised by God through His commandments. God has protected His chosen people in the Old Testament times but now His mercy has spread to all humankind. Let’s know Gods love engraved in the words of the Bible.

Books can be the escape of someone who wants to forget problems. While reading his mind, heart and senses is affected by the contents of the book he is reading. For the times he spent reading, he momentarily forget his problems and can relax and be entertained by the story or topic in the book he is reading. For example, if you were in advertisement field and have lots of ADs campaigns to go on, like online ranking activities, then you may need to read more about marketing books such as business with YouTube Facebook, or twitter, to keep track on the latest trends. You need to know how to code php, sql or set up rss and websites for your promotions online on search engine optimization. In this way, the book became his armor to face challenges in life.