Necessity of English books to Students

Why English books? Why not Korean? The world is now communicating with each other through one language that is English. Aside from the books you read in your native tongue, it is recommendable to read books in your second language. Lots of people have been already putting their effort to study English as their second language but it is still hard to speak English. Though English alphabets are studied and the grammar is learned, it is still hard to communicate. Why?

1. No Vocabulary, no English
How do we develop vocabulary? There are thousands of English books containing millions of words that you can read.
2. No English, Lack of Awareness
Admit the fact that not all knowing are in your native books, that is why read English books to gather information around the world.
3. No English, No global communication
Communication affects our living. Today, English is used in business and technology so books will help you to be able to communicate with others in business in the near future.
4. No Communication, No Survival.

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