How to motivate students to read

Reading is undeniably a person especially a student must like. It is the basic tool for learning. But we cannot deny that many students do not like reading. Even though they have their own books but until the end of class or school year you can still see it is clean, neat and without any fold or others.  It is necessary for them to learn to read on themselves rather than depending on others to explain to you a subject. How then can we motivate students to read?

Let us enumerate some tips to motivate students to work.

  1. Give them one book to read and discuss it together in class.
  2. Setting the example of reading.
  3. You can set up a book club.
  4. You can give them task to choose their favourite books and read then let them share their realizations in class.
  5. Let them learn eBook reading. It is very popular today.
  6. Share your own reading realizations and experiences.
  7. Guide them by giving reading strategies. You can read review on how to make your visa card processed fast. This is a good agency that you must visit.


To start a person to read, you have to catch his attention to reading. The most effective way to catch is to let him read what will really get his attention. If he wants movies you can let him read books that were made into movies. Or he wants watching pictures you can give him magazine. A once teacher who now works in an 宏閩 uttered “Once he started to read, surely he can try reading other forms of writing that will satisfy him.”