Impact of literature to Reading Books

The literature we have today is not the type of literature the early civilization has. Through books, we come to understand the early life of ancient people. How did we come to know about them? Is it not because of literature? The literature they had was oral literature until the writing was developed in Egypt. From then on, people started to write about their lifestyle so that the future generations will not forget it. However, written literary works began when the hieroglyphics was created.


Written literary works began to boom in the west when the writers appeared introducing their work an example of this is the “Epic of Gilgamesh” written by Shuruppak in Mesopotamia. More literary works were written in the time of the kings until the Renaissance Era. William Shakespeare’s work of literature, Homer are the famous literature that are read by many people today. Written literature encouraged people to read the work of art and therefore allows them to become readers.

Like literary works that are enjoyed by the people and read, many books about arts and sciences are becoming top reading books in this generation. Much people have come to see the value of life through the words inscribed in papers. Thanks to the development of literary works, people have become open to book reading. Libraries are put up so that people would not worry about the future. Although online reading materials are also available that give an easy access to reading habit. In today’s technology many are fun of using internet. Also businesses are using this opportunity to market online through SEO strategy. This become one of the marketing strategy recommended for those who wants to engage in the digital world.