To read or not to read- A reader or not a reader

There are many books, magazines, comics, newspapers, tabloids and many more reading materials that have been produced and sold all around the world. You can find them everywhere. In the shelves and tables in the office or houses, in schools, in the bed of children, in libraries and even in cars. It is the effort of many writers, authors, poets or illustrator to bring to life imaginations and dreams. Now there are more movies who are based on books written like the well-known harry Potter series and Twilight Saga series.

All of these efforts were done for the readers. Readers have different interests and they can choose from what already numerously written books or magazines or whatever form they want is. Reader’s attention should be caught by the writers so that they can be bestselling and authors can be well-known. As they have their own style, each reader has its own choice of author to follow and idolize. Writers and authors can be like celebrities when many people idolize or love them and they follow their life and go to their shows.


Though many are engrossed to reading, there are many who do not like to read. We can call them not reader. They are the ones who prefer to watch than having to read novels or even magazines. An autocad designer for a magazine said “They just watch the picture if they do not have another thing to do and what’s in front of them is a magazine.”