Book Exchange

Day by day every young kids to adults ask themselves why is learning and reading  so essential. When we were young why can’t we just live and play in the backyard and make the most of our time or spend our time as young adults to just make the best memories out there?

Reading and learning has been essential to humans in today’s modern age and even in the ancient times. Without it we won’t be able to develop the way our world is moving now. Fact is we might be living in caves just us our ancestors did.  Greek philosophers like Aristotle and Plato were preaching to early Greeks to have greater knowledge through literacy and  first recorded books were in the time of Ancient Rome dating back 2000 years ago.


So how is book important to our greater knowledge. Books are written by people who has great decipher of things and publishes it. There knowledge are being passed onto generations to generations and is improving as it is being passed on.  Imagine,what would be our understanding of the earth suspended in space if not for Newton’s book of gravitation. How  about the matter of AC electricity is essential? if Nikola tesla didn’t publish his works in books we might be using a lesser efficient DC electricity.

Many of great engineers, scientist , literate experts, etc, have affected our lives to their discoveries and inventions published in books and if not for them education system will not materialize as efficient as it is today. Thus molding the next Einstein, Galileo, Thomas and so on will not come to fruition through a good and a reliable book.

So if you dream of becoming the next  great engineer who will change the course of history, start reading some books it might help your mind get started and stimulate new and innovated ideas.